The Weekly Review: March 26-30, 2012

Welcome to The Weekly Review! In today’s day and age, information bombards us at an unhealthy rate. There is seemingly so much to read and consume, and so little time to do it. That’s why at the end of each week, Joseph Williams is prepared to update you on all the best reads from a large variety of sources. Clayton Martin will be following Joseph’s articles with a fun grab bag of entertainment as well. So take a deep breath, relax, and let us do the leg work for you!

Joseph’s Links

Clinton and Obama, Two Peas in a Pod?: (Link)

Lamar Alexander on U.S. Energy Policy: (Link)
The new Tiger Woods: (Link)
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Changes in the Health Care Market through the prism of Mad Men: (Link)

Thoughts on Supreme Court’s decision process concerning the main part of ObamaCare (the individual mandate): (Link)

Chuck Klosterman on the New Don Draper & the premiere of Mad Men Season Five: (Link)

Winter (Games of Thrones Season 2) is coming! Get caught up to speed before Sunday! (Link)

Clayton’s Links

The Best Website Ever- (Drunk Ron Swanson)

Really sarcastic and funny take on catalog pictures- (Catalog Living)

Hollywood’s Worst Kissers: (Link)

Recommended Buys-

The Daddle! For just $40 you can really get a jolt of that lower back pain you love so much! The Daddle on Amazon

Finnnnnaaaaaaaallllllyyyyyy! A multi-vitamin designed exclusively for people who drink a lot! Seriously though, that’s what this is. And it has really good reviews on Amazon… Drinkwel on Amazon


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