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Fantasy Survivor Challenge: Week 3

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SCOREBOARD: Team Colin: 10 points Team Joseph: 9 points Team Clayton: 8 points Joseph’s Expert Analysis/Venting: I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched. Having watched every episode of Survivor, I can usually read the editing of the episode to figure out who is going to Tribal Council. Mark  Burnett and Jeff Probst occasionally throw us a curveball, but it’s usually pretty predictable in the first 15 minutes of the episode. So I was genuinely shocked when the guys’ tribe …

Liz Riggs: The Bachelor Finale

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This guest post comes from our first repeat guest blogger, Liz Riggs. If you missed her first post on The Bachelor you should definitely check it out as well! It’s official: Ben Flabjlekwrjfjlkds has officially become America’s most hated bachelor.  And Courtney has gotten hotter, more irritating, and established herself as the most frustrating person to watch on TV.  Listen. We all know what happened.  Lindzi rode horses all throughout the Swiss Mountains on the finale and we realized we …

Tuesday’s With Tony: Stairway To Heaven

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I’m not the only one who sees the value of Tony Allen. My dear friend Bill Simmons, whom I’ve shared many a podcast with, recently wrote his annual trade deadline top 50 most valuable players article. Well guess who’s contract was deemed most desirable for teams to acquire. Tick tick tick. What is Tony Allen for $300? You would be correct! So if Bill Simmons believes in Tony Allen, why don’t you? I’m not trying to twist your arm to …

Upcoming Films of 2012

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Well reader of this, you’re welcome. I’ve done all the work for you. Compiled here is everything you need to know and look forward to related to movies in 2012. This isn’t every movie that’s coming out, just the ones that I feel are most noteworthy. About half of them are linked with trailers if you click the names and the others are linked to the IMDb page because the trailers haven’t been released. I have probably spent more time …

Movie Review: Undefeated

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What a perfect film to be the inaugural Wise Guise movie review! I saw this film last Friday night on opening night in Memphis and couldn’t be more excited to share my thoughts with you all. Let me start off by saying that had this film come out in Memphis prior to my 2011 rankings post it probably would have actually gotten the top spot. Boom. Wildcard allocated. Most of you don’t know me so you don’t know how seriously …

Fantasy Survivor Challenge: Week 2

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Since we’re not yet to the merge, the scoring each week is quite simple right now.  After the female tribe stopped the male tribe’s dominant momentum, the alpha male alliance fractured quickly once it was shown Colton’s clever and not-so-clever band of misfits had the numbers, and Matthew was sent packing. Team Joseph: 5 points Team Colin: 5 points Team Clayton: 4 points

Whitney Reisser: Idol Thoughts

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This guest post comes from Maryville, TN native Whitney Reisser. We are honored to help fulfill her dream of being an American Idol blogger and we look forward to having her share some more Idol Thoughts in the future! It’s officially my favorite season…American Idol season!  My name is Whitney Reisser, and I am a self-proclaimed Idoloonie.  It has always been my dream to be an Idol blogger, so you can imagine my excitement when Clayton asked me to join The …