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The Weekly Review: March 26-30, 2012

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Welcome to The Weekly Review! In today’s day and age, information bombards us at an unhealthy rate. There is seemingly so much to read and consume, and so little time to do it. That’s why at the end of each week, Joseph Williams is prepared to update you on all the best reads from a large variety of sources. Clayton Martin will be following Joseph’s articles with a fun grab bag of entertainment as well. So take a deep breath, …


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IS GASTON A TRUE DISNEY VILLAIN OR IS HE JUST MISUNDERSTOOD? By Joseph Williams and Seth Wiedemann Depending on which of us you ask, you’ll get a very different answer to the question of how much of a villain Gaston (from Beauty and the Beast) actually is.  To provide some context, the two of us have debated (for many, many, many hours on road trips, at dinners, and any other time a snide, button-pushing comment can open up an all-out …

Mary Beth Wilson: The Kiss Cam Incident

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This guest post comes from Mary Beth Wilson, a University of Tennessee graduate and Lakeland, FL native. We are glad she could join us to share her unfortunate story of awkwardly being on the Kiss Cam…with her brother. Follow her on Twitter @Wilson_MB! It happened in January of 2010. I was sitting next to my younger brother, Jeremy, in Thompson Boling Arena at the UT/Vandy basketball game. During an early timeout, Faith Hill’s “This Kiss” started playing, which means one …


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A WrestleMania XXVIII Preview for the Former Wrestling Fan and a Stroll Down Memory Lane By Joseph Williams When I was in middle school, it was right after the Monday Night Wars broke out, with WCW Nitro and Eric Bischoff battling eternal top dogs in ratings and history, WWF (now WWE after the World Wildlife Foundation got all litigation-happy on them) Monday Night Raw led by Vince McMahon (before his wife ran for U.S. Senate).  These were the golden days …

Fantasy Survivor Update

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THE MERGE HAS ARRIVED. As we go into our first week as a merged tribe with 12 members fighting individually for themselves, let’s go to the SCOREBOARD. Team Colin (Still Remaining: Mike, Sabrina, Kat, Troyzan): 18 points Team Joseph (Still Remaining: Leif, Jonas, Kim, Jay) : 17 points Team Clayton (Still Remaining: Chelsea, Tarzan, Christina): 15 points It’s still anybody’s game as possible points up for grab increase in a big way now. A reminder of possible points still out …

Suggested Netflix Views – Week 2

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Welcome back! Last week I gave you your first five suggestions of things instantly streaming on Netflix. Let me reiterate since there was some confusion, these are not a part of any ranking or in any particular order. I have made a big list and these are just selections from my list. I hope you enjoy these and find something you haven’t seen! If you watch something from one of these lists let me know what you think!