Tuesday’s With Tony: Tony Goes To The Movies

Time for the Tuesday with Tony’s top tweets for the twenty first of February in two thousand twelve. Time to check in with our buddy Tony, and see what he’s been up to this week.

First of all, Tony amassed over 100 “!’s” in a two day period. He also tipped in a game winning shot against the Golden State Warriors on Saturday night, so he has been extra abusive with the “!’s”. If someone were smart (you can thank me later), they could start a charity organization that donates said amount every time @aa000g9 uses a “!” to a worthy cause. I’m such a philanthropist. But enough about giving, let’s talk about Tony!!!!

Here are  my top 5 tweets of the week.






Now it’s time to for us to play a little game of Sherlock Holmes.

Here are Tony’s two consecutive tweets from a few days ago (ordered from bottom to top):

Let the game of deduction begin! Ummm, well you see what had happened was. Maybe he uhhh, dammit this is hard. Ok, let me start over.

Tony wanted to go see a movie and so instead of just keeping this thought to himself, he also shared that information with us,and we thank him for that selfless gesture. Step two, he then saw Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengence 3D starring Nicholas Cage. Tony enjoyed this picture film and popcorn adventure so much he shared it with his teammate Marc Gasol, encouraging the Spaniard to see it as well. Marc and Tony began arguing about the impact Nicolas Cage has had on the entertainment world and whether or not his contributions were adequately appreciated. Tony cited movies such as Raising Arizona, Face/Off, and Moonstruck as ground breaking and compelling while Marc responded with,”Did you see Season of the Witch?” After several hours of debate, Tony and Marc finally agreed that Nick Cage was undervalued as an actor, but frivolous in his project selection. Overcome with excitement, Tony had to let the world know, “I can’t make this up.” And I just did. See you next Tuesday.

Feel free to give us your interpretation/adaptation to Tony’s tweets.


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