Jeremy Wilson: The Curious Case of Jeremy (Lin)

Welcome to the first ever Wise Guise guest post! This will be a segment we do most weeks and most posts will be from writers that receive a request from us. Anyone is welcome to submit a guest post but we plan to be very selective with what posts we publish.

This post comes from University of Tennessee student and Lakeland, Florida native, Jeremy Wilson (@JeremyWilson412). We are glad he has agreed to join us and we hope you all enjoy his enlightening post!

Reasons Why I Should Have FaLin In Love

1. We share the same first name

Growing up, I did not know one other kid named Jeremy. None at school, church, or any sports team I was on. I don’t know any Jeremy’s at UT, but I’m sure there are plenty. *Absurd Fact Warning*—the only Jeremy that I have spent a decent amount of time around is former NHL star Jeremy Roenick.  He was pitching a show to Versus called ‘Coaches’—- catchy title, I know—- and he spent a week getting footage and interviews with Bruce Pearl and the Tennessee basketball team. (I was a team manager for at the time.) He sat behind the bench with the managers for one of our games, and we had an instant Jeremy connection (minus his disregard for personal space). But I digress… Jeremy Lin’s seemingly overnight takeover of the sports world has big implications for Jeremy’s everywhere, and I fully expect there to be a fair amount of Jeremy’s being born in NYC and Taiwan in the coming weeks. Nice work, Mr. Lin.

2. ‘Jeremy’ trending on Twitter:

My first order of business when I wake up is my morning Twitter read. This is my strange version of the news. Its great for knowing about any major event that happened overnight, but it sucks having to read about some casual friend’s insomnia or his new high score in Temple Run. Regardless of the trash on my timeline, there was one Twitter guarantee this past week— Jeremy Lin was a trending topic. I selfishly dropped the Lin and chose to read it as just Jeremy. Starting the day with your name trending will make you wish that you had only hit ‘snooze’ 9 times, instead of 10

3. Undrafted PG owning the Big Apple:

This reason is plain and obvious, and has probably been dominating your television.

Here’s a quick list of New York people/things Jeremy Lin is overshadowing:

Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudamire, Eli Manning, Victor Cruz, Manningham’s Super Bowl catch, Bradshaw almost blowing the Super Bowl with a touchdown, the Giants winning the Super Bowl as a wild card team, the moving trucks outside Mike D’Antoni’s house, the start of Yankees spring training, Peyton’s neck (related to NYC through Eli), Wall Street, and Spike Lee. In just two days, Modell’s Sporting Goods owner Mitch Modell ordered 168,000 items with ‘Lin’ or ‘Linsanity’ on it to his flagship store in Times Square, New York City. You think this city is thirsty for a winning basketball team? Imagine if Lebron had decided to take his talents to NYC…

Why he is a ‘Linposter’ (The Legend of Ja’Corius Wang)

In November of 2011, my house in Knoxville gave birth to our PS3 NBA 2k12 basketball lovechild, Ja’Corius Wang. I came up with the first name, and I gave my roommate Evan the rights to his last name. After scrolling through all of the automated names, Evan picked Wang, and suddenly we had an Asian American in the NBA.

Quick synopsis of J. Wang’s short career:

Started his career out West playing for the Phoenix Suns. Got buried on the bench behind Steve Nash and Aaron Brooks, hardly playing at all. Then J. Wang was traded to the Knicks… sound familiar?

Two games after being traded, the Knicks starting point guard and Carmelo Anthony both got injured… sound familiar yet? In J. Wang’s first game as a starter he dished out 7 assists and scored 14 points, leading the team in both categories. Fast forward 6 games, and suddenly the Knicks are on a 7 game winning streak with J. Wang at point guard while Carmelo Anthony cheers on the team from the sideline in street clothes (Man, I know I’ve heard a similar story somewhere). After this win streak, J. Wang gets put on a billboard, signs a contract with the Jordan brand, and is featured on the cover of 2k12 Sports Magazine. Wait, I got it! This sounds freakishly similar to the Jeremy Lin story… Bingo!

All throughout this worldwide Linsanity phase, I can’t help myself from laughing at how similar the two scenarios are. I should be engulfed by the madness, but it’s hard to get caught up in it when I have already lived and experienced the exact situation. “Wangsanity,” for the lack of a better term.

I love the Jeremy Lin story. It is great for Jeremy’s all over the world, and it’s an inspiration to underdogs who continually get told that they can’t pursue their dreams. But I want everyone to be aware that this is just the second coming of NBA superstar Ja’Corius Wang. If anything, Lin is Kobe to Wang’s Jordan (tough sentence, I know) . To paraphrase a line from the great American Kanye West, J. Wang is Christopher Columbus and Lin is just a pilgrim.

Side note: The video game Knicks struggled the first few games when Carmelo returned to the lineup, but then J. Wang found a way to make the offense work. The Wang-led-Knicks are now second in the Eastern Conference behind the evil Miami empire. Also, J. Wang was matched up against Jeremy Lin and the Warriors in a showdown at Oracle arena, and J. Wang dunked all over Lin. You may believe what you’d like, folks. I’m just presenting the facts.


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  1. Mark Cabrera

    That better not have been a reference to my new high score on temple run. Nice job though man

  2. Mary Lu Strawbridge

    Loved the article. Very entertaining. Let him “guest” again!

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