Let The Games Begin

“It’s 2010, everything has been done before. All you can do is do something someone’s done before but do it better or differently.”

The Trip (2011)


Welcome to The Wise Guise (@TheWiseGuise).

For our first post, we wanted to lay out the premise for the blog and then each share a little blurb about where we think this venture is going to go, which inevitably will differ quite a bit both from each other and from where the venture will ultimately go.

What The Wise Guise is meant to be is a place for us to get together and discuss the things we love and are passionate about, in a hopefully entertaining way. Think of it as a virtual MacLaren’s Pub, The Max, or Monk’s Café. We each love writing.  We each have a propensity to become addicted to varied corners of culture. So we figured… why not join forces?! Think Super 8, where Spielberg, Abrams, Coach Eric Taylor, and the sassiest adolescents since The Sandlot joined forces. We don’t want to create another website full of people who think they have all the answers about everything from comprehensive tax reform and college football to TV quality and Kardashian cup sizes (the latter two not always being mutually exclusive). We’re not the Huffington Post. The Wise Guise is merely a place for us to post some opinions and observations, while collecting your questionable feedback.

The name “The Wise Guise” derives from the idea that so many bloggers feel the need to assert their self proclaimed expertise. They try to give the appearance of wisdom when, more often than not, they just use controversy to get their name out there. We have no “unnamed” sources and again, we don’t claim to be experts. We come more from the line of people who wish they were experts but have real jobs. Well, some of us have jobs… sometimes.

So without further adieu, we would each like to share a few words.

“When we had our meeting of the minds to create this blog, I couldn’t help but keep replaying this one South Park episode in my head where every time someone has a creative idea, someone else speaks up and says, ‘Simpsons did it.’ I recently listened to the commentary on that episode and it was created purely out of frustration that original ideas are so hard to come by these days. For every idea the South Park creators came up with, they had someone tell them The Simpsons had already done it. We know you have plenty of other entertainment options all vying for your readership, but you will never see another trio of aspiring bloggers work as hard to make you think and make you laugh. And trust me, we’ll get to Mr. Tebow later…”

– Clayton Martin (@ClaytonAMartin)

“In an age of the internet blogosphere, Facebook and Twitter, and the 24 hour news cycle, there is no shortage of information or people’s opinions about that information.  As I juggle law school and “running down this road that we call life”, I find myself adding tabs to my internet browser of articles to skim, video clips to watch, and analyses to absorb.  So, why in this over-saturated web that spans the wide world would me and two close friends start a site to share our thoughts?  Other than the inspiration of former law students like The Art of Manliness guy, Clay Travis, and Geoff Calkins, who now write for a living, it comes down to creating an average joe’s one-stop shop (God bless Wal-Mart!) for anything we’ve ever been nerdy about and, hopefully with your involvement on this site, anything you’re ever nerdy about.  Consider The Wise Guise a place for you to come where it’s okay to be nerdy about anything you’ve ever wanted to be nerdy about.  The range of topics discussed will be just as varied as what catches our eyes in the world around us each and every day.”

– Joseph Williams (@jjosephwilliams)

“Ditto. (But think of mine as slightly funnier, wittier, nerdier, eloquenter, edgier, and something never said before on the Internet.) You should see the edits that didn’t make the cut. PLEASE READ OUR BLOG AND PARTICIPATE.”

– Colin Stovall (@stoshow)


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One Response to Let The Games Begin

  1. Brian Stovall

    When I saw the title “let the games begin” all I could think about was the hunger games.
    “happy hunger games! And may the odds be ever in your favor”
    -Effie Trinket (in the future everybody has weird names)

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