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By the end of most weeks, you’ve had some successes and you’ve had some failures.  But, by Friday, you’re exhausted and often feeling at the end of your rope.  It’s at this point in time, whether it’s humility you need or some encouragement, that everyone needs a healthy dose of George Feeny.  After all, most of our lives would probably be worse off and definitely be less wise without him.  On a blog where we admit that our wisdom is limited, we felt we would be doing our faithful readers a disservice to not provide some authentic wisdom at the end of every week from one Mr. George Feeny.

Many have asked me what Feeny Friday will be exactly.  When I explain, many are quite happy at the prospects. Few were as excited as my old pledge brother, Patrick Russell. He responded: “When I find myself in times of trouble, Mr. Feeney comes to me, speaking words of wisdom: ‘let it be.’ Years of experience on that one. Mr. Feeny’s words are like mother’s milk and Reagan’s economic policies, all rolled into one. Everything a growing boy needed.” Patrick understood. I knew others would too. Our generation grew up on the wisdom of George Feeny. And, like our friends Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and Eric, Feeny is always there for us. Consider this weekly column the latest in a long line of plot holes that keep Feeny in the story, dishing out wisdom.

I wrestled with how to begin the series.  How do I select which Feeny nugget of wisdom to share first? I thought about beginning with the final scene. I considered beginning at the start of season 1 DVD set. Then, I figured I’d roll the dice of fate and leave it up to what shows are airing on ABC Family this week.  I discovered they were currently airing the final episodes of Season 6, leading up to Cory and Topanga’s wedding.

This week’s wisdom comes from Season 6, Episode 21, which originally aired on May 7, 1999. Entitled “The Psychotic Episode,”  Cory has nightmares where the recurring theme finds him trying to kill Shawn in imaginative ways, so he goes to Feeny for an interpretation. Meanwhile, Eric finds a new, but odd, roommate — one who seems to have seen Hitchcock’s Psycho once too often.

So what is Feeny’s sage advice to Cory about his dreams?

“You mustn’t take dreams literally.  They can be interpreted in many ways.  Freud says that dreams come from our unconscious.  We have repressed thoughts that must be confronted.  But in our dream state, they’re not quite clear.”

“You’re dreaming it for a reason.”

“You wake up every time, screaming? After you kill Sean?”

(Cory says he’s never seen him die.)

“So you always woke up before you actually killed him? That’s the key, Mr. Matthews.  Perhaps if you finish the dream, you’ll find out what it means.”

(Cory goes back to his dream.)

(In the dream, Cory, after declaring best friendship forever, pushes Dream Shawn down elevator shaft.)

(Cory then shoves everyone down the elevator shaft, including Lauren the ski bunny he cheated on Topanga with.)

Thank God she went.

(Topanga shows up in a wedding dress.)

(Cory wakes up and tells Shawn he’s afraid that, after marriage, everything’s going to change. Shawn confirms that of course it will.)

And that’s the end of the episode. So what’s Feeny’s takeaway wisdom this week? Well, it’s a prime piece of wisdom. Philosopher citing? Check. Saying “Mr. Matthews”? Check. Providing an answer that places the power to find an answer in the questioner’s locus of control? Check. But while Cory finds out what the dream means, his anxiety isn’t solved. Not yet anyways. But thanks to Mr. Feeny always being there, I’m sure it will be.

As for you, dear readers, your answers are coming too. Next week on Feeny Friday…


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